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    Choosing and Germinating the Right Marijuana Seeds 

    Hemp_bunch-dried_out_-seeds_close_up_PNr°0063Proper marijuana care always starts with finding and growing the right seeds. Cannabis seeds can be expensive especially if you’re just a new comer in the field of marijuana. Make sure that you don’t waste money when you buy cannabis seeds by choosing the right ones. Germination is also an important step in growing a healthy cannabis plant. Although it may seem easy, a lot of growers start their cannabis farm wrong due to poor germination.

    How to Choose Healthy Marijuana Seeds

    When it comes to choosing a healthy marijuana seed, you need to know the right shape, color, and size.

    First of all, healthy seeds are shaped like a teardrop. The size may vary but most of the healthy ones are around 1/8 of an inch in width and about 3/16 of an inch in width.  White or green colored seeds usually do not germinate. Although some does, it’s always best to have a high percentage when it comes to seed germination. Choose seeds that have brown to dark brown in color. Normally, they provide better germination rates as compared to the white and green ones.

    Proper Seed Germination

    1. It’s always better to germinate seeds on a moistened tissue to make sure that there’s a higher germination rate. Place tissue on one plate and put several seeds that are spaced properly. Cover with another tissue and moisten it with water. Now place another plate on top to provide a dark and moist environment for your marijuana seeds.
    2. Look for a place with a temperature of about 21 degrees Celsius. Make sure that it is not situated on an area with direct sunlight. Don’t forget to spray water on the tissue to prevent them from drying out. Usually, they will germinate within a few days. Unlike with most seeds, marijuana seeds can take up to ten to fourteen days before they open.
    3. Once your seeds are ready for potting, dig a hole that is twice the length of your seedlings. Make sure that the soil you put won’t block the seeds from sprouting out of the pot. You will find seedlings on your pot after 24 to 72 hours.
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    The Leafy Truth 

    Over the years, there are many arguments about marijuana. Some countries put punishment if you’re caught using or growing marijuana. But what is the real truth about it? Is it really a dangerous and addictive drug? For many, they use marijuana as a relaxant and mostly smoke it to get high. However, there is a good side in using marijuana for medical purposes.


    Medical studies have been published in some respected medical journals. Their findings are great in terms of alleviating systems of many diseases such as cancer, AIDS/HID, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), glaucoma, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s Disease. Researchers were impressed with the medical uses and effectiveness of marijuana. These research where performed for around a decade of randomized trials.


    Despite these medical breakthroughs of medical-marijuana, the US Federal Government is still imposing medical marijuana laws.

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    Learn the Best Business Practices from Warren Buffett 

    If you are not succeeding in your business, then you might be missing some of the qualities a great businessman has. So, what are these qualities? They are the ones you will find from highly successful people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison.

    We will not go through each of these super successful people, but instead let’s watch this video on how Warren Buffett make all his money. Enjoy!

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