Bad Compass Payer: What to Do? 3 Solutions for a Financing!

Image result for loanBad Compass payer , find out how easy, fast, and secure a new loan is!

Were you reported in the database on the list of bad payers from Compass? Are you having trouble getting loans ? If you are hired as an employee with a permanent or retired contract, we can help you .

Request a free loan quote for bad payers now . Within 24 hours you will be contacted by one of our consultants with whom you will define the conditions of our best estimate . Received your confirmation to proceed, we will activate for the preliminary investigation.

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What happens if I do not pay a Compass loan?

Unpaid installment Compass , what are the consequences? In the case of non-payment or late payment of one or more installments of a personal loan or a revolving credit card, the lending institution will report to the credit data banks the irregular payment. The databases linked to credit are:

  • CRIF
  • Experian
  • CTC

These reports may penalize you for subsequent requests for credit, certainly until these will be present and not canceled. In this article (hereinafter the link) you will find more details on the time spent in the database information, methods and time limits for cancellation.

Bad paying payers Compass: here’s how!

#Many users ask us ” Compass makes loans to bad payers “? If we talk about personal loans, the answer is no. Due to the logic of this loan, no Compass loans are allowed for bad payers as this type of financing provides, during the preliminary investigation phase, the monitoring of the databases.

What does it mean? When a loan application is made, if we are obviously talking about a personal loan, the institute to which it is addressed automatically interrogates the credit databases such as Crif, Experian and CTC . These return a report related to the customer’s history, whether it has ever made funding, whether paid regularly or if bad payer .

In the latter case, obtaining a personal loan by debiting a current account is not possible.

Bad Payer Loan: how to do?

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There are solutions for access to credit in the case of negative reports in databases; these are aimed at retirees or employees, hired indefinitely. To date, there is no solution for different types of income earners, except for those just mentioned.

What are bad payer loans?

  • employee loans
  • delegation of payment
  • loan changed

The first loan , the assignment of the fifth, is aimed at employees and pensioners, while the other two can be requested only if hired as employees with permanent contracts.

Do you need assistance for your rejected funding? Here you find the link to access the Compass Financing customer service .

Bad Payer Compass: Consolidation Debts How to do?

You have several loans in progress, but are you listed on the list of bad payers ? Do you want to consolidate your loans in only one installment, but you are a bad payer Compass ?

As said before, for those who are a bad payer , in these cases access to credit is granted only to employees or pensioners. In fact, it is only these two types of income earners that may require new funding and thereby consolidate other ongoing commitments.

Some sites promise easy solutions, alternative to the fifth or to the cambializzato , but for our experience it is not so. There are those who offer certain solutions in exchange for the payment of a commission, advice, insurance or other expenses. The advice is to take these proposals with the tongs, they are often just tricks! Even after paying the requested sum, the customer will never get anything.

Bad payer financing: the Globalfin solution.

The financing proposed by Globalfin (a credit brokerage company regularly registered as OAM No. M359) is the solution for those who report late payments .

This loan is equivalent to the transfer of the fifth salary or pension. Only for employees it is possible to request a second loan similar to the first one, called the payment proxy . Both loans in question can be renewed with effect from 2/5 of the installments provided for in the amortization plan .

How does it work?

Forwarded the request through the form on our site, within a few minutes you will be contacted by a colleague to verify the feasibility of your request. If so, a home appointment will be set up with one of our consultants who will follow you from the request until the loan is granted.

The service is free, no cost nor early expenses.

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Even if bad payer Compass, even if you have already made other requests for loans, immediately evaluate our free estimate. Loans to bad payers allow you to get credit even if with a protest or foreclosure (only to employees and pensioners).