When there are too many unsustainable loans and installments, the sale of the fifth is useful for consolidating debts and thus improving one’s credit. It is becoming increasingly difficult for families to arrive at the end of the month: too many installments to pay, more and more expensive daily expenses, unexpected expenses and non-existent economic aid from the institutions. We often ask ourselves how to improve our financial situation, how to reduce monthly expenses in order to improve the family economy and of course live more peacefully.

Enter the game the Cession of the Fifth

We at LeaseCredi believe that a valid solution is to request the assignment of the Fifth, because it is a financial instrument known for many years and has several advantages, including the possibility of consolidating other loans in progress by reducing monthly payments, easy to request, safe and fast. To finalize the application of the Cession of the Fifth for a consolidation of the debt means to obtain a loan to balance again a bad and heavy financial exposure, that prevents to have greater availability to face the small daily expenses. The payday loan consolidation via best bill consolidation company is often used to eliminate other loans obtained in the past under less favorable conditions in favor of other improvements, which generate immediate savings. A correct financial consolidation operation, also benefits from the credit quality of the applicant who frees the central financial risks (CRIF) from excessively high monthly debt, to become after a more reliable customer and, if necessary, also definable.

The Cession of the Fifth is a form of a financial loan that can also be required to consolidate debts of a different nature in addition to the financial one. Each family may have deferred various payments in installments, including tax and tax, or loans requested to relatives or acquaintances. The consolidation of all these monthly deadlines, through the request of the Cession of the Fifth, allows you to better face your economic and family situation, eliminating all the installments in order to support only a smaller and safer, guaranteed by adequate insurance coverage included in the return.

What is the Cession of the Fifth?

We begin to clarify what is the assignment of the Fifth, highlighting the technical aspects and the main advantages for the customer; This is a type of loan that can only be accessed by Public Employees, State Employees and Inps Retired Individuals, former Inpdap or other pension institutions. It provides that the monthly installments are deducted directly from the paycheck or from the pension slip and paid to the lender directly from its administration where it is employed, has a maximum duration of ten years and allows you to obtain important amounts that you can discover contacting us. Furthermore, the monthly payment can not exceed 20% of the net salary/pension, a factor to be held in high esteem, because this means that if our pay, net of all the withholdings, is a certain amount, we will not have to pay more than 1/5 a month. Furthermore, to obtain this loan by assignment of the fifth, no justification or additional guarantees are required and the maximum age (at the end of the loan) is set at 85 years. Another important advantage of the Cessione del Quinto is the possibility of obtaining it even in the presence of financial problems, such as reports in databases and bank checks or bills.

Consolidate debt independently thanks to the Cession of the Fifth

Let us dwell on one of the most important aspects that characterize the Cession of the Fifth if required to combine more loans in one installment, that is, consolidate debts in progress. The consolidation of debts, as the same term suggests, is an operation aimed at enclosing in a single loan all the other loans (including any other assignment of the fifth in progress) in previous years, with the aim of obtaining only one installment more sustainable. This particular form of loan, in addition to being able to be requested even in the presence of other exposures, makes it possible to obtain the liquidity necessary to cancel one, two or more installments (according to the amount that can be granted and the debt to be repaid), by paying only a lighter and smaller amount. Now we translate the whole thing into one big advantage: delaying the total debt over time, but above all being able to support the weight of the only monthly installment with greater certainty, obtaining in some cases also considerable savings in terms of interests. With respect to other debt consolidation financial instruments, the transfer of the Fifth makes it possible to consolidate, in total autonomy and independence, financial or other debts based on the personal preference or scale of decided priorities. This is because the following approval, the sum requested will be paid directly to the applicant, who will decide freely and in what ways and times pay off the debts according to their urgency and need. A credit check of a regularly accredited Financial Agency registered with the OAM body that regulates its activity will assess its usefulness with the utmost transparency and competence, through consultants regularly qualified for financial activities. Therefore it is essential that in order to correctly establish the usefulness and the feasibility of consolidation, a verification process is essential, which consists in requesting in advance the extinction accounts of the outstanding loans, which will attest the real amount to be paid to the same financial institutions for the With the closure of funding, well-structured financial agencies are available to provide guidance on the most appropriate procedure.