The 4 smartest questions before asking for a loan

Are you one step away from applying for a loan? So before you get to the financial institution we recommend that you read this article completely, maybe we can help you avoid some financial problems in the near future.

It does not matter if the loan you request it because suddenly there was an emergency, an opportunity that can not wait another day or because you have been planning for some time for a specific objective- payday advance – the right financial assistance for you.

There are key questions you should keep in mind whenever you are applying for payday loans direct Lender Gadcapital – try them out. Of course, the number of questions you should ask is not just 4, but among the list of questions that should never be missing are:

  • The institution where I worked Do you have an agreement with the credit institution?
  • Am I a candidate for a loan?
  • What is the maximum amount you can lend me?
  • How long do they have to pay the total credit?
  • How much will I pay interest?
  • Are the payments frozen?
  • What is the best way to settle the debt?
  • What is the Annual Total Cost (CAT)?

There are questions that to some extent, are very obvious or that as the adviser gives us the credit information, they appear, however, there are others that few people do or do not even occur to us at the most important moment, which are precisely those minutes before signing.

It is important to understand that the advisors of credit institutions are trained to give information about the product or service, however, it is impossible to guess your doubts.

For that reason, it is essential that while they explain to you, you put 100% of your attention and anything you do not understand, ask at that moment. On the other hand, there are questions that the advisors answer immediately, being that part of their explanation is focused on that, precisely on the most obvious information.

Your job, as I mentioned, is to look for smart questions that can get you out of trouble in advance. Let’s see 4 smart and necessary questions you should ask before applying for a loan:

  1. At the end of the loan, am I a candidate for another loan ?: Most of the institutions that grant loans, give you the opportunity to request another one after a certain time of having paid off the previous one, so it is most likely that the answer is Yes, what you should investigate are the terms and conditions under which the new credit would come out.
  1. What is the best way to make the payment ?: Within the forms of payment, there is direct debit and payment via payroll. It is not that one is better than another, however, it is important that you know both methods to identify which is best for you and which will be best applied in your case and in that moment of life.
  1. What happens if I fall behind in the payments ?: Nobody wants to delay with some payment of a credit since many times this involves leaving part of your patrimony as collateral, remaining at the expense of losing part of it or paying many interests). The best thing to do is to ask in advance if there could be any type of penalty in case of happening and if so, what would be the penalty? The best thing is from the beginning to be 100% aware of what we can and can not do, in any case, also know the consequences of both.
  2. Is there an extension of time ?: As with the previous question, it is important to know if there is an extension of time in which you can settle your account. Maybe if your term was 12 months but for some reason, you fell behind 2, it is important to know how much longer you will have to settle that debt or if on the contrary, you must do it in a single exposure.